How did I get to Silicon Valley?

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Here are some highlights:


  • I owned and operated a marketing/consulting business for a number of years in MN
  • Met my wife, Melissa, in a coffee shop that her and her mother owned
  • Got married in October of 2007
  • Moved to Charleston, SC in 2008


Melissa and I spent the next number of years in South Carolina.  Here are some highlights:


  • I learned how to surf
  • Made a number of good friends
  • I worked for a company called PowerScore
  • I started a mobile technology company called Moably
  • We moved to Sunnyvale, CA in 2014 to play a crucial role with BirdEye


And… That’s how we ended up in Silicon Valley. So what have we done since we’ve been here (just a minor glimpse)?


  • Not surfing here (water temp is way too cold compared to the East coast)
  • Wineries, wineries, and more wineries
  • Helped BirdEye scale in order to raise a major round of funding
  • Started to assist with an amazing company called DrinkSnap
  • Spent holidays in Napa with family
  • More to come…