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Current Work (2011-Present) | Founder & CEO of Moably


Moably is a mobile technology startup that Adam founded in February 2011 and he has been in charge of running the company ever since. Adam's roles and responsibilities include; day-to-day operations, investor relations and fundraising, customer service, and thinking of innovative ways to improve the company and our product lines. Moably helps people to deliver web content via mobile devices and the company currently does business in 175 countries and have created over 10,000 mobile websites.

Current Work (2010-Present) | Co-Founder of DesAutels Designs


Adam and his wife founded DesAutels Designs in January 2010 and have been designing and creating websites and print items for a number of companies in a number of industries. Adam's main role is to obtain new business and code the websites that Melissa (my wife) designs.

Past Work (2008-2012) | Internet Marketing Coordinator at PowerScore


Adam moved from Minnesota to Charleston, SC in October 2008 to work for PowerScore test preparation. He handled the bulk of the international internet marketing budget, setup and managed the company's social networks, and also helped with the occasional website development project. Adam left PowerScore in July 2012 in order to focus on Moably and DesAutels Designs.

Past Work (2001-2008) | Founder & CEO of DCA Business


Adam founded DCA Business in 2001 and ran the company for about seven years before closing the doors in 2008. His main roles included; selling our marketing and consulting services to small to medium-sized businesses, managing the daily operations, and the occasional speaking engagement. Some of the clients included chambers of commerce and the international revenue service.

Reference | Corey Tollefson - Area Vice President, Oracle


"Adam is the consummate entrepreneur He has big ideas, leverages his network to solve problems and errors on the side of execution rather than simply having a good strategy."
- Corey Tollefson

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Activities | Disc Golf


I started playing disc golf in January of 2013. Obviously, I wasn't too good the first time out and I had to skip all of the holes that I had to throw over water. However, that didn't last long. I am now throwing over water, playing in the occasional tournament, and joined the Charleston Disc Golf Club. I still have a lot of work to do, but hey, it's a good time with good people. How can one complain?!

Activities | Surfing


After moving from Minnesota to Charleston and considering the fact that I have never lived by the ocean, it seemed only natural to pick up surfing. There is nothing like standing up on the board for the first time! I linked this activity to my friends company. He is a pro surfer and teaches surf lessons at Folly Beach, SC. Feel free to give him a call and schedule a surf lesson. You won't be disappointed!!

Activities | Quality Beach Time


Who doesn't like the beach?! Melissa and I have spent a good number of hours at Folly Beach, SC. Walking the dogs, surfing, or hanging out with our good friends at Blu is a weekly norm for us. There is something about the ocean that makes life worthwhile.

Adam DesAutels
Work: Moably, LLC and DesAutels Designs
Skills: Over 10 years of website development and internet marketing experience. Extensive knowledge and experience in PHP, HTML, and CSS. Proficient in internet marketing, website promotion and Adobe CS6 design. Adept at handling multiple tasks and learning new programming languages. General knowledge and experience regarding business operations, strategy, and execution.
Social Reach: Me - 1,700+ friends on Facebook, 5,700+ followers on Twitter, and 5,900+ LinkedIn connections. Moably - 27,000+ Facebook fans, 45,000+ Twitter followers, 8,000+ email list. DesAutels Designs - 6,000+ Pinterest followers.
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